Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedding Day Wares

Last weekend, my husband and I had the absolute pleasure of attending a wedding for a dear friend and sorority sister of mine. The ceremony was held in her childhood church, a stunningly ornate Greek Orthodox Church in the heart of Savannah. We partied into the wee hours of the night at the lively reception in the Hyatt Hotel, overlooking the majestic Savannah River. The bride glowed and the groom grinned; it was truly a night to remember! As I sat in the hotel lobby and reflected on the evening with the bride's mother, she shared with me a meaningful gift idea for any couple getting ready to tie the knot. Ms. Becky explained to me that a close friend of hers brought brunch to the bride and bridesmaids as they were excitedly getting ready for the big event. She told me how very thoughtful and touching this gesture was and how it was certainly a gift that both she and the bride will always remember. Whether you are a bride, know a bride or have just attended a wedding, you know the moments leading up to the ceremony can be quite hectic with emotions and tensions running high. Sometimes things are so bananas, the bride, groom and all players involved forget to stop and smell the roses- they forget to pause and relish in this oh-so happy day. More important than the memories that may be missed, meals are generally missed as well. The stress runs high, the time ticks by and food is a forgotten facet of the day. Crankiness, weakness and lordy forbid, tipsiness may ensue if our bride, groom and wedding party do not eat! For a gift that will be appreciated and hopefully, ingested by all, consider packing a blushing bridal brunch basket or a tray of gourmet grub for the groom! In order to make this venture a total success, find out the times and locations where bride and/or groom are getting ready. The earlier you can drop off your delicacies the better. For ladies in waiting, they may choose to eat earlier than later as not to disturb their make-up. The fellas on the other hand require less primping and do not start getting dressed until later on in the day. Be sure to consider these aspects before making your deliveries.

Think about the following for possible contents in your "Blushing Bridal Brunch" Basket or "Gourmet Groom Grub" Tray:

Champagne (For the Ladies)

Beer (For the Gentleman)

Orange Juice

Bottled Water


Bagels with Accoutrement (I love that word! Gourmet spreads, cream cheeses and butter would be great but be cautious with jellies and jams!)

Mini Muffins or Pastries

Granola Bars

Trail Mix

Bananas, Grapes, Apple slices and any other easy to eat, non-staining fruits

Cheese Cubes or String Cheese

Finger Sandwiches

Chicken Strip or Lunch Meat Tray (Protein is a must, especially when alcohol is involved!)

Pre-cut Veggies and Dips

Pretzels and Crackers (Non-greasy munchies keep clothes clean)

Disposable Plates, Cups and Cutlery

Mints (An unexpected but very much appreciated post-meal addition)

Trash bag

Napkins or even Wet-Naps if you have access to them

Sentimental card with well-wishes for the happy couple!

To go that extra mile, you may consider packing all these wedding day wares into a hand-crafted picnic basket or insulated cooler for the Mr. & Mrs. to use during their lives of wedded bliss. Yes, this glorious gift is more time consuming than the now traditional Target Gift Card, but the gratitude expressed by the recipients will be invaluable. Feel free to share any of your ideas for wedding day wares or meaningful wedding gift suggestions, the domestic diva is all ears!

Be sure to stay tuned, dahlin's!

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