Friday, October 23, 2009

Howl at the Moon Pies!

With fall in full swing, an array autumnal activities like pumpkin carving, costume shopping and raking the leaves begin to wiggle their way into your weeks. It's hard to believe we were all just bathing beauties posted up on sunny beaches and now we're in sweaters and scarves! Having a hard time accepting the swift switch of the season now? Just scare up a batch of these fall follies made out of every Southerners' favorite treat (well, besides butter) MOON PIES!!! I would like to preface this culinary craft by saying I sincerely try to post original ideas but I just couldn't resist sharing with you these darlings I found amongst the pages of Southern Living Magazine. Start by purchasing a few Moon Pies, original chocolate was used in this craft. For the loveably odd owls shown here, split open an Oreo cookie, affix each half of the cookie to the Moon Pie using melted chocolate candy coating. (Hint- this product comes in a small, microwavable tub and is usually found near the strawberries or in the baking goods aisle.) For the pupils, consider M&M's, Reese's Pieces, Junior Mints or a combination of all three to give each owl his own distinct look. For the beak, either a piece of candy corn or a bright yellow Runt's banana will do the trick! Chocolate sprinkles or mini chocolate chips can be added for a "feathery" flair. Depending on your region, you may have access to the different flavors of Moon Pies, RC Cola optional! Why not transform the vanilla pie into a ghoulish ghost using black jelly beans and black or red decorator's icing? The orange pie could be converted to a jolly Jack-O-Lantern using the materials from above and green Sour Punch straws as pumpkin vines. Lemon pie could be a full moon with the silhouette of a witch, werewolf or bats (the easy route) drawn on in black piping gel. What ever the flavor, after decorating, insert a small dowel rod into the pie's marshmallowly core. If they last long enough to display, fill a flower pot or even a hollowed out pumpkin first with foam then cover with candy corn. (The foam will serve as a sturdy base for your dowel rods.) Tie festive ribbons onto the rods and press firmly down into the foam. Be sure to showcase your sugary spirited pies at this year's Halloween Party or pass them out to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters . Your Moon Pie masterpieces are sure to make all the good ghouls and goblins shriek with excitement!

Happy Hauntings and be sure to stay tuned, dahlin's!