Monday, September 12, 2011

Perfect Paper Posies

As the summer sun sets, and the leaves begin to turn, what will you miss most about these wonderfully warm and welcoming months of summer? Me personally, I will miss the bright blooms of my Zinnias, Marigolds, Gardenias and Hibiscus. These are all floral harbingers that signal the commencement of vacation season and remind me to slow down a bit- it is time to enjoy life! Don’t get me wrong, the seductive gold, bronze and copper hues of the autumn leaves are simply stunning, but every now and then in the midst of a cool fall breeze, I long for the beauty of a bright summer bloom. Through a little ingenuity and imagination, we have found a way to capture the sight and shape (unfortunately, we haven’t mastered the smell) of summer’s finest floral.


6 large sheets of tissue paper in varying colors

1 pipe cleaner




For each flower, stack 6 different-colored sheets of tissue paper, then fold the stack accordion style the long way. Twist a pipe cleaner around the center. Round both ends of the stack with scissors. For a frilly flower, cut a point at the ends of the stack with scissors. Open the flower by gently pulling up 1 layer of tissue paper at a time toward the center. To add leaves, turn over the flower and use the pipe cleaner ends to attach two 6-foot strips of crepe paper streamers to the bottom of the flower. To add a stem, add your bloom to a bamboo garden stack with a bit of Scotch tape.

From here, feel free to use your fanciful flowers any where you please! Your tissue Tulips and paper Pansies look great as d├ęcor for spring time bridal teas, baby girl showers, or any bold birthday bash. Party or no party, may these paper posies keep the spirit of summer living in your heart and soul all year long!