Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to Put the "Care" in Career!

As many of you know, everything's been coming up roses lately as I was presented with a new job for an illustrious hotel here in Central Florida. I am now on week three in the prelude of my profession and I am becoming more and more accustomed to office life with every day that passes.

For many including myself, starting a new career can drastically change your life! You must adapt to a new environment and co-workers, train your body and mind new routines, maybe devise a new wardrobe, and find out how the boss likes her morning coffee from Starbucks! A new job sometimes brings a transition that is difficult and uneasy.

I was deeply touched this week when I opened my post office box to see a large, manila envelope with my name so carefully written on it along with the words "NEW JOB KIT!" Besides from being a stellar person, my dear friend, Amanda Brown has seen me throughout all stages of my life- from being my sorority sister, to my bridesmaid, and now to my best friend who I wished didn't live so far away. The contents of the package were graciously gifted to me along with a sentimental note card that described why she enclosed each item. I was so inspired by this package that I feel compelled to share it will all my Divas!

If you know a close friend, relative, or even the new kid at the office, here are some ideas that could make their evolution in office exec just a bit easier.

*Nifty Note Cards- Amanda gave me the cutest pink "S" monogrammed note cards and said it was to keep in touch and thank all my clients. Even if your filing friend doesn't deal with clients or thank you letters on a daily basis, having a set of classy note cards screams you have manners and are familiar with eloquence of etiquette. "Thank you" is the most under used phrase in the English Language as far as I am concerned.

*Fabulous Frames- Find a few frames for photos to bring your dearest to your nearest location! Photographs of the faces you love the most are a great way to brighten the drabbest of all office spaces.

*Creditable Calendar- Don't have an assistant to "pencil you in?!" Help anyone manage meetings and moments with a whimsical and wonderful calendar!
*Savory Snacks- Fight that 3:00 hunger hound with a vat of hearty and healthy snacks for your friend to feast on. Great office side snacks include dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, and other sundries. These nibbles will also come in handy when that deadline approaches and there's not a moment to spare for a lavish lunch break.

*Memorable Mouse Pad- Bring a little fun along with function by purchasing your cubicle companion a mouse pad with a silly or sentimental saying imprinted on it. Every time they commence their computer work, this mouse pad will hopefully put a little sass and smile into their day.

*Tactful To Do Lists- Everyone from mommies to managers needs a trusty To Do List. These little lists can be found everywhere from your local dollar store to discount dime stores to the finest stationers. If you are a greenie at heart, you may want to consider buying your business buddy a dry erase board- no paper waste included!

*Coveted Coffee Gift Card- For those mornings where your get-up and go has got-up and gone without you there's always COFFEE! Purchase your paper pushing pal a Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card for them to use at their own discretion. Who knows, maybe they will return the favor and arrive to the office one day carrying your custom "Skinny Tall Vanilla Latte!"

*Posh Pens- Help your friends find the "write" way to success to with a plethora of posh pens. Writing instruments that are decorative yet functional are always a plus in any Diva's World!

*Basic Breath Mints- The difference between fresh breath and bad breath could be a contract! Assist your filing friend by supplying them with an arsenal of mouth-freshening mints. They will thank you and their co-workers will thank you!

*Celebratory Champagne- Celebrate good times; come on! Landing a new job can be quite a feat, especially these days considering our economic situation. Remind your friend that you are proud of them and their outstanding accomplishment with a bottle of bubbling Champagne. After a long and tiring first week at any job, they may need a drink sooner than you think! :)

Friends and families are there for us see us through our troubles and our triumphs. They are there to celebrate our successes and to mourn our losses. Show a friend or family member your love and support by gifting them with your own cleverly composed "NEW JOB KIT!" It's always nice to know someone cares about your new career!

Be sure to stay tuned, dahlin's!