Saturday, September 8, 2012

Staying Fly While You Fly!

From the guarded gates of the White House, down to booze-filled Bourbon Street and on again in the City of Sin, 2012 has been the year of travel! The spirit of adventure is something that runs rampant through our blood- the people you meet, the sights you see and the food you indulge in shaped my most cherished memories. Those memories didn't come without a little heart ache and maybe a few gray hairs on this 30 year old head however. Whether you are flying the friendly skies with Delta or AirTran, Continental or Southwest, American or United, traveling via airplane can be mentally and physically draining. The hassle of packing, the stress of getting to the airport on time, and then the endless flight followed by jet lag- remind me why this is fun again?! You know how they say "it's in the journey, not the destination?" Well after a 4 1/2 flight having been packed like a sardine in between a wailing child and a narcoleptic with a snoring problem, I may beg to differ. I am not what I would call an avid world traveler but there are a few tricks of the trade I have picked up along the way to help get you somewhere over the rainbow!

Tackling Turbulence- Sit in the front of the airplane if possible, also close your eyes. If you are prone to motion sickness, pop a few Dramamines before boarding or stock up on Ginger flavored candy which can also aid with nausea and nerves. Before you know it, you'll be floating on cloud nine cool calm & collected!

Keep It Clean- Forgive me if I get too personal with this one but one day you will thank me! We travel with a pack of Wet Wipes or baby wipes to keep ALL areas refreshed! You can wipe your face, clean your cell phone and wipe your seat (pun intended...) Wet Wipes: Because sometimes showering just isn't an option. :)

Away with Accessories- Slip-ons or Sandals are the best foot wear when traveling through security. You will also want to either forgo or trim down your jewelry selection as everything has to be taken off to pass through the metal detectors. Try not to wear hats as you will just have to take it off and show everyone your banged-up bouffant as you wait in line. Instead throw your hair back in a sleek pony or messy bun using a metal free rubber band. Even though you look like a Kardashian walking through a normally lit airport with bug eye shades, I do recommend this accessory for travel. They limit the amount of make-up you have to apply and serve double duty as an eye mask on the plane.

Dress for Success- Instead of wearing those adorable linen pants that will look like a Shar Pei's face when you deplane, throw on a wrinkle resistant jersey knit dress! My favorite travel piece is the Carolyn Dress in "Hotty Pink Day Lilly" from Lilly Pulitzer. It's bright, light and looks just right! Make sure your dress is long enough however that when you bend over to pick up your bags or put your shoes back on, you aren't showing everyone your biscuit...They just paid for an airline ticket, not a peep show remember. A light-weight cardigan tied around your waist or shoulders is for form and functionality- airline A/C's get frigid!

Kiss & Make-up- Pack a small bag with a tube of lipstick, mascara, comb, those wet wipes and your medications. This is just enough of a survival kit to get you through a plane delay or even worse, a cancelled flight. Two of my favorite necessities are Wisps by Colgate and are your ready for this...toilet seat covers! Why buy blotting papers when you have them dispensed freely in every single latrine you've ever done business in! They absorb any excess oil on your face with just a pat- call them fa-bowl-ous!

Entertain Me- Ipods, Nooks, Kindles, Playing Cards, Books, Magazines and the list goes on! I love to take a box of note cards and prestamped envelopes to knock out my thank yous. Mail them at the airport post office and check that off your to-dos! Whatever your do just keep those idle minds at work and make the time "fly" by.

Snack Attack- Airline snacks would make Dr. Atkins turn over in his grave consisting of Nabisco Cheese Nips, Snyder's Salted Pretzels and my weakness Lorna Doone Shortbread. Sure, accept these gracious hostess gifts but save them for later. You want high protein snacks that curb your hunger. Stock up on the turkey jerky, roasted almonds, dried cherries, blueberries and maybe even cheese spreads depending on the length of your flight. Flavored tea bags are a great carry on as they relax and satiate you. Bring along some minty gum to excite the taste buds, keep your breath fresh and to help your ears pop.

I write this blog to you as I eagerly prepare for two trips of a lifetime. On Friday, my bestie and I will be heading to the Big Apple for my very first time and weeks later, we will be in Las Vegas renewing my wedding vows officiated by the King himself. Travel can truly open your world and your perspective on life. Even if it's an hour away from where you call home, go! See the world as someone else sees it- you'll be glad you did! Bon Voyage, y'all!