Monday, January 9, 2012

Filter Fabulous! did you get here so fast? While others are anticipating the promise and possibilities of a brand spanking New Year I must admit...I am a bit bummed! Year after year, I live for the holidays! I crazily contemplate my Christmas crafts, manically manifest my menus, and devilishly deck the halls with boughs of holly! Now that the Yuletide has passed, I cower at the idea of taking all of my pretty, pretty decorations down and boxing them up until next year. Sigh....But wait, isn't the season of winter worth celebrating too? There are so many magical things that the winter brings- snow, frost, icicles and crackling fireplaces! For those of us living in climates close to the tropics, a winter wonderland may be only a dream or a ski vacation away. Here in Orlando; we are stewing in a steamy 75 degrees on this January day... No snowman or sledding for us any time soon! Upon my web travels, I found this adorable D.I.Y. wreath that may cause even Jack Frost himself to come nipping at your nose. How clever is this craft made out of what else but clean COFFEE FILTERS! What caught my eye about this craft is the wreath reminded me of wintery white carnations- one of my all time favorite, but much neglected flowers. If you are like me and need a little dose of creative crafting to help get you through those post Christmas blues, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, sneak into those flannel penguin pj's and fire up that glue gun!


* Styrofoam or hay wreath form (Note: If using pressed hay wreath, leave the plastic covering on!)
* Extra large coffee filters
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
* White craft glue
* Stiff paintbrush
* Glitter
* Bow or ribbon (optional)


Stack one coffee filter on top of another. Fold in half and pinch the bottom of both filters in center. Draw hand from bottom to top to bunch into a blossom; squeeze at pinched point to hold shape. Begin hot gluing pinched ends of filters side by side around the wreath form with blossoms pointing outward. Start from the outside of the ring in. Continue this pattern until wreath form is covered with coffee filter blooms. (Note: If you do find small gaps developing, feel free to fill these in with cupcake liners for texture and depth.) If you think your wreath needs a little pizzazz, brush watered-down craft glue onto wreath with a stiff brush and sprinkle with glitter. Use hot glue to attach a bow to wreath, if desired.

For those of you who may be sick of snowflakes and irritated by icicles by this point in the year, this couture coffee creation is changeable! Dust them with a little pink or blue spray paint for a friend's baby shower, incorporate pastel colored cupcake liners for a spring blossoms wreath or even use the natural unbleached coffee filters for a charming rustic look to be displayed all year long.  Happy Hot Gluing  and Happy New Year, All!