Sunday, September 27, 2009

Words Straight From the Heart!

Looks like it's a wedding every weekend from now until the dawn of spring for the Domestic Diva and crew; tis' the season, I guess! With 2009-2010 being "THE" year of the wedding, the search of a extraordinary and extra economical gift is inevitable. My creatively crafty mother has always had a way with words and poems. She just has the innate knack, you know? Mother is always being asked to compose a song for this, write a poem for that, you would think the woman is the next William Wordsworth in waiting?! We recently resurrected her talents for a wedding toast poem and boy, was it a home run hit! We placed a copy of this delightful ditty in a sassy teal baroque picture frame, gifted the framed folly to the love birds and it's currently on display in their humble abode. Now, besides the fabu frame hunting at Marshall's and Ross, the TIME is what you must invest in this gift. First off, devise a short questionnaire for someone close to the bride and groom. You want this to be completely customized so be sure to get the juicy details that only they would know about; i.e. where they met, how they spent their first date, how he proposed and maybe even include details about the wedding or honeymoon. If you are presenting the poem as a toast as well, you may also want to incorporate details about your relationship to the bride or groom- the more personal the details, the better! Also, remember the select your words carefully, no rambling and KEEP IT CLASSY! (I know my readers wouldn't think otherwise!) The frame should be unique and exclusive to the couple as well. Use their wedding colors, motifs or their home decor as inspiration! This personalized poem is also a great gift for showers, anniversaries, peas in the pod and even birthdays; get jiggy with it! If you are at a loss for words or the cat's got your tongue, Mother Dostal is always at work in her wordy workshop and would be delighted to devise a custom poem for you! Email her for more information.

Here is a copy of her latest literary feat:

Christina, Christina, what can I say?
Who'd ever thought we'd be here today?
Times have passed; it seems like yesterday,
We were carefree teenagers, partying the time away!
A Knight and a Wildcat, who would have guessed,
The bond we would have is really the best!
I bugged you at Bennigan's til you said OK,
The Club One Christmas party, we laughed and we played!
Then on to Orlando, Hawaii, and A-town,
And...Vegas..we won't tell about what went down!
Local fav's--Bar-Bar, Deja Groove, and 51 degrees,
Don't forget Spanky's where we had 'em on their knees.
Rockin' with us as we danced in our chairs,
Flashlights, techomusic--you had to be there!
On the softer side, I know you as a listener, a thoughtful friend.
You've been giving and caring as we got thru tough times and MEN!
It seems the Cosmos matched us Gemini and Libra til the end,
Old Navy and The Limited, and the CASH we liked to spend!
Your favorite color is pink--just right for one so calm,
Your smile is always welcomed--gentle and warm.
On this day of days, You know I hope for only the best,
You sure picked a good one;Mat outshines the rest!
I've known him since 10th grade when we gave Ms. Marshall a fit!
I knew Mat was special and I'm so glad you're it!
The one he picked to spend a lifetime of love,
You're a perfect couple, blessed from above!
I'm handing you over to Mat today, but I hope we'll remain friends in

Be sure to stay tuned, dahlin's!

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