Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention" - Behold the Official Grand Opening of My Blog!

First things first; Welcome, Y'all! I am so glad you found me here at "From Blushing Bride to Domestic Diva!" To give you a sneeky-peeky into what this blog will be able to offer you, let me first provide you with one of my favorite quotes, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." I am inspired by my dearest friends and family who have all either taken the marital plunge or are walking down the aisle as we speak. These gals including my newlywed self need a place where we can learn and share lifestyle tips, including delish yet effortless recipes, inspiration for decoration, posh weekend (or weekday if you prefer) projects and find a hub for household knowledge. My solom wish is for this little blog is to become a place for all women to master our precious art of being a WOMAN!!! We are enchanting creatures, able to plan a fairy-tale wedding for 250 on a slender little budget, cook a rocking meal using only a can of garbanzo beans and left over hamburger meat, have the house looking like a southern living magazine for the bi-annual in-law visit and still manage to throw one hell of a dinner party all while maintaining our grace and charm in a killer pair of stilettos. Once again welcome to the world of blushing brides and domestic divas: where the women rule and all the men drool!

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