Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pearly Whites

Got a hot date? Walking down the aisle? Job interview on Monday? Bring some bling to that smile! If you can't quite splurge on pricey professional teeth whitening procedures, these home spun toothy tips are a sure fire way to get your smile noticed!
*Did you know some tootie fruities can aid in teeth whitening? Strawberries, mother nature's jelly beans are not only packed with a ton of Vitamin C but have been known to brighten up a smile simply by eating them! Who doesn't like strawberries- skip the cream though! The white underside of an orange peel also contains whitening agents- just rub it along your tooth enamel. If you are a true domestic diva, you can mix dried orange peel with your everyday toothpaste for extra whitening power.

*As my mom would say, just do it the "Grandma Rubye Way!" This tried and true method is one of the oldest and most effective ways for everyday whitening. Take your toothbrush dip it into your baking soda stash and starting brushing. Be gentle along the gum line as baking soda is an abrasive. With the soda still on your teeth, drizzle a bit of hydrogen peroxide on your brush and begin brushing again. I like to keep this paste on for a few minutes or so to ensure it's strength. (A great time to do this is in the shower right after you have applied your hair conditioner; when you rinse the conditioner out, rinse your mouth too!) After a week or so of this method you should see noticeable results. I have also heard of people using lemon juice and salt but unfortunately, I can't stand the taste. It's worth a try.

*Drink EVERYTHING out of a straw! Mostly all carbonated beverages and juices contain citric acid in them which stain your teeth. We all know wine, coffee and tea are major culprits too so start slipping a straw into that coffee mug and then start sipping! The classiest girl I ever knew in college even sipped her BEER out of a straw! Laugh all you want, but her teeth were DIAMOND WHITE!

*Don't forget the floss! Sorry to sound like the dentist here but this mouthy mantra is something you have to live by if you want those choppers to shine! Besides the fact you are removing excess food which can cause bacteria growth in your mouth, you are also loosening up stain causing tartar and plaque. If the space between your teeth is clean, your smile will look a million times whiter. Don't forget all the little nooks and crannies!

Happy Brushing and be sure to stay tuned, dahlin's!

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